12-Week Custom Programming

Let’s start hitting your goals!

Having a detailed plan is the best and easiest way to reach your goal, however, we know that not everyone wants hands-on coaching or can afford online coaching. Our goal is to deliver you a program designed around your goals, exercise experience, and equipment available so that you know exactly what you should be doing when you go into the gym.

$200 12-Week Custom Programming includes:

-Program split into 2 6-week training blocks based on how many days you want to be in the gym

-Built-in exercise library so you always know what movement you’re doing

-Exercise notes so you know what you should be focusing on

*this does not include in-person training sessions*


Who is this for?
Everyone! However, we do recommend that you are familiar with a gym if you are going to be going to one. If you’re a total beginner we recommend trying out at least one month of online coaching before hopping into this programming just so you can get some form feedback. But, if that’s not in the cards we can chat about it and start with the basics, after all, this is all about what you need 🙂

How do I start?
Fill out the form below and you will get a response to find a time for a free consultation call. During the call, we will gather all of the information we need, and after we’ll get to work on your program.

How is the program delivered?
After your consultation, your coach will have your program delivered to you via Google Sheets by the end of the week (Sunday) at the latest

Why 6 week blocks?
We want you to get the most out of your program and that means learning your movements and giving yourself time to get good at them.

What happens if I need help with my form during my program?
If you’d like form feedback please join our Online Coaching which includes video form feedback in our coaching software.

Does this include personal training sessions?
No it does not. If you’re interested in personal training, please head over to the personal training tab and fill out the form at the bottom 🙂