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Our Mission:

Uplift Fitness was created as a way to empower people through Fitness and Nutrition so that you can live happier, healthier and stronger lives.  Our goal is to deliver scientifically backed, individually tailored workout programs that help improve lives physically and mentally. We live by the principle

“Do More. Be More.” 

Rena Bartlett

Uplift Queen
Lead TrainerNutrition Coach

USPA Powerlifting Coach
PN1 Nutrition Coach
Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist
ISSA Fitness Trainer, Exercise Therapy, Fitness Nutrition
Instagram: r.bartlett238

Rena is our lead trainer both in-person and online. She got into strength training and competitive powerlifting after battling with an eating disorder and realized, if she wanted to get stronger, she had to eat more and had to change her mindset. For her, physical and mental strength go hand in hand and that’s what she helps you focus on. Her training focuses on getting you to move better and more efficiently not only in the gym, but daily life as well. In her free time, Rena is typically found reading on the couch with her two cats.

Devon Walker

Online Training Coach

B.S. Sport and Exercise Science
CSCS Strength and Conditioning
USPA Powerlifting Coach
ACE Personal Training
Instagram: coachdevon206

While Devon was a collegiate athlete he was fascinated with what the human body could do through proper training and nutrition. Devon believes that there is no “one fits all approach” and wants to educate people on how they can improve their overall health, to have a thriving pain free life. In Devon’s free time he is snowboarding, playing the piano, or, most importantly, grilling.

Alexa Macias

Personal Trainer

B.S. Kinesiology
NASM Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist
PN1 Nutrition Coach
Instagram: @alexamaciasfitness

Alexa started strength training as a way to show up for herself during college, it provided an outlet and challenge that made her feel strong and confident. Strength training helped her realize that she didn’t need to focus on taking up less space, or fitting into anyone else’s ideas about what her body was supposed to look like. Alexa focuses her training on building strength that translates to better function in and out of the gym, and helping clients create healthy habits to support their goals. In Alexa’s free time you can probably find her on a hike with her dog Finley, or trying to find the best tacos in town.

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