Online Coaching Waiver

Before participating in our online fitness program, please read and acknowledge the following:

  • Personal Responsibility: I understand that I am solely responsible for my physical and mental well-being during the online fitness program. I agree to exercise caution and discontinue any exercise or activity that causes discomfort, pain, or adverse reactions.
  • Consultation with Healthcare Provider: I acknowledge the importance of consulting with a qualified healthcare provider before beginning any new fitness program, especially if I have pre-existing medical conditions or health concerns. I affirm that I have obtained medical clearance to participate.
  • Assumption of Risk: I assume all risks associated with participation, including the risk of injury, illness, or emotional distress. I understand that the program organizers are not liable for any injuries or health issues that may occur.
  • Release of Liability: I release the program instructors, organizers, and associated parties from all claims, liabilities, costs, expenses, or damages arising from my participation in the program, including those resulting from negligence.

By participating in this online fitness program, I acknowledge that I have read, understood, and accepted the terms outlined in this medical disclaimer and waiver.