Strength Training for all!

Getting a coach for personal training or online coaching is a great first step towards building a new relationship with fitness!
Our coaches consider your goals, experience, and injuries to create a strength training program that seamlessly integrates into your life. We provide assistance with accountability, teach you proper lifting techniques for your body, and ensure long-term sustainability. Whether you’re new to the gym or an experienced athlete, we are here to guide you!

All personal training is done in-person at Rain City Fit on 11th in Capitol Hill Seattle!

uplift fitness personal training

1-1 Personal Training

Prices range from $90-$95/session in packages of 4, 8 or 24

Your package includes:
-55-minute 1 on 1 training sessions comprising warm-up and daily training.
-Personalized workouts/programming on our training software to enhance accountability and workout tracking.
-Access to a comprehensive exercise library for movement assistance.
-A nutrition template to assist you in structuring meals effectively.

2-1 Partner Training

$75/person/session in packages of 4, 8, or 24

With our 2 on 1 Personal Training packages, you can bring a friend/partner to join you in your workouts!
You’ll receive all the benefits included in 1-1 Training, while ensuring that your training remains fully customized to your individual needs!

*Only available if you already have someone that you will be working out with.

uplift fitness personal training

Online Coaching


Having a detailed plan is the best and easiest way to reach your goals.

Monthly online coaching includes:

-Monthly programming specifically for you and based on your available resources.
-Weekly check-ins to ensure you stay on track.
-Form checks to guarantee your movements are optimal.
-A training software featuring a built-in exercise library, enabling you to have clear guidance throughout.
– A nutrition template that enhances your understanding of food and meal structuring.

12-Week Custom Programming

$200 One-time payment

Custom programming is our affordable approach to coaching.

Your program includes:
– A 30 minute Free Consultation
-A personalized workout program designed around your goals, injuries, exercise history and more
-A built-In exercise library
-Exercise notes and suggested alternatives

Let us help you succeed!

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