James B.

I’ve been working out with Rena of Uplift Fitness for a year and half. I do in-person coaching (1 hour) once a week, then work out on my own 2 days a week with a plan she creates for me monthly. I totally recommend reaching out to her and Uplift Fitness if you’re seeking out a trainer, especially if you work out at Rain City Fit gym.

Over this time, I’ve learned so much when training under Rena. She is extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher. I’ve had trainers in the past, but I’ve never stuck around with one as long as I did with her. I feel that I just keep on learning, and she’s just so fun to spend time and chat with.

She’s able to answer why we may be doing an exercise, what muscles it targets, and PROPER FORM & BREATHING. I can’t stress that last point enough. I’ve had trainers in the past that taught me everything wrong, this explains why I had body pains in the past and couldn’t push myself hard enough. However, Rena has been a blessing in ensuring that I’m tackling exercises in a safe and attentive way.

Even during covid-times, she was able to create an at-home plan when the gym was closed. This helped me keep motivated and not regress too far with my in-gym progress. These have been super tricky times and she has been extremely accommodating with every curveball that’s been thrown at us.

After all this time training with Rena, I can confidently say that I’m stronger and more knowledgeable than I’ve ever been. I am still working out with her now, because I continue to learn something new and refine my capabilities each week.

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