Jeff H.

I worked with Rena 3 times a week while I trained for a mountain expedition. Due to my sort of crazy work schedule, we had to meet at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am. Rena was always chipper as could be, it was almost sicking really how excited she was to exercise.

I had never done a squat in my like, I had never really done any meaningful exercise at a gym at all, actually. The only real experience exercising I have is cardio. She was super helpful, super patient and really just fun to hang out with. After only a few weeks we had running jokes, she would let me pick the music, though my brain wasn’t really functional at that hour so she usually picked. I still have songs in my spotify playlist from our exercises. She has an awesome sense of humor that really makes the time fly.

She is clearly knowledgable about exercise (one would hope with a personal trainer right? Kind of seems like a given), nutrition (again, I feel like this goes without saying, but maybe this is what tips the balance and makes you decide to pick her).

I am currently focusing on other goals, but when I come back around for another mountain expedition or I am just trying to get stronger/healthier, Rena is the one I trust.

She’s great. Do it.

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