Xinhua E.

Uplift Fitness really focuses on your goals and gives you a realistic expectation of how to achieve them. I’ve been working with them for two months now and I can already see the results!! I’ve been working on really toning my body -arms, legs, back, and booty). My weakness is food. Period.  But with the coaches emphasis on a balance diet and the correct exercises, I’ve been able to accomplish way more than I thought– of course with the help of their discipline. Not only do the coaches really push you to do your best, but the way they go about training is really, actually uplifting. (Ha ha get it, it all makes sense now!) But in all seriousness, you can tell that they love their job and helping people out, which makes all the difference in the world. I would definitely recommend them if you need a boost in your lifestyle!! 10/10

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