Personal Training designed for you.

No matter what your training experience, we will create a program just for you. We will address any imbalances, injuries and most importantly your goals to design a program to help you feel like your best self.

Monthly Online COaching Enrollment

Online coaching is a great way to get an individualized program if you enjoy working out on your own and have previous experience lifting weights.
You will receive weekly check-ins with your coach via Skype, form feedback on videos of your lifts, and accountability to make sure you are staying on top of your training.

Fitness is a lifestyle.

Our goal is to teach you the skills to incorporate it into your every day.

Every goal requires a little work to make it happen. We help you by keeping you accountable and being with you every step of the way.

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When I used to train I was lucky enough to work with Rena for about 6 months before I moved overseas. My form, flexibility, and strength improved so much while I trained with her. She is super knowledgeable about nutrition and body physiology and had me on a workout plan that challenged me, but was also realistic in ramping up my abilities to avoid injury. I would highly recommend Rena to anyone and I will definitely be training with her again when I move back to Seattle!

Chris H.

For the past three off-seasons Devon has written me workout plans to keep me in shape, increase overall athleticism, improve technique in various olympics lifts, and to improve flexibility and mobility. His workouts and support has become essential to my year long training routine! The gains and improvements I’ve made have become critical to my success as a professional athlete.

Alex M.

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