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Ready to start working out but aren’t sure where to start?
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We specialize in:
– Teaching beginners how to start lifting while prioritizing form and injury prevention
– Technique and strength for competitive and non-competitive Powerlifters
– Cross-training for Runners, working on strength and speed

Now introducing 12-Week Custom Programming!

Having a detailed plan is the best and easiest way to reach your goal, however, we know that not everyone wants hands-on coaching or can afford online coaching. Our goal is to deliver you a program designed around your goals, exercise experience, and equipment available so that you know exactly what you should be doing when you go into the gym.

1-1 Personal Training

Personal Training

Our goal is to get you moving and feeling better than ever while helping you reach whatever milestone that you want.

2-1 Partner Training

Small Group Training

Grab your partner or friend and start training together! We all know that things are more fun when you have someone to share it with!

Online Coaching

Online Coaching

A detailed plan is the best way to meet your goal. Online coaching is a great, affordable way to train while having a coach to help keep you accountable.

What People are Saying

“I’ve worked with Devon and Rena for over a year now, and it’s been transformative to say the least.

Prior to working with them, I tried everything outside of coaching to keep up a consistent fitness “routine”— crossfit, boxing, HIIT classes, etc, but I always found myself burnt out or injured.

Rena and Devon eased me into training that felt way more informed, personalized, and sustainable. I learned a ton from them throughout the process and surprised myself with how my lifts and mobility improved. I’ve felt stronger and fitter, and I haven’t had any injuries since working with them.”

Robel P.

I highly recommend working with Alexa at Uplift Fitness! I worked with Alexa for a few months, doing 1:1 training sessions twice a week. I had a trainer a few years ago, but I lost momentum and really wanted to work on regaining strength and mobility. Alexa took the time to ground my movement in proper form/technique, explaining the how and why behind each exercise. In just a short amount of time, I was lifting weights I never dreamt of lifting with ease and fluidity. Her coaching style is motivating, encouraging, and empathetic. She is also hilarious and a fun person to hang out with — looked forward to training mornings, even the days we did weighted step ups. Big thanks!!

Raanah A.

“Online coaching with Rena has been amazing. I was worried training online would be less effective than in person, but she’s so responsive, helpful, and available that I don’t even notice a difference. I’ve seen a major improvement in fitness in a short amount of time thanks to her expertise and guidance.”

Cedar L.

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