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Our Mission:

Uplift Fitness was created as a way to empower people through fitness and nutrition so that they can live happier, healthier, and stronger lives. We believe that strength, regardless of how you define it, is for everyone. It does not care your size, gender, sex, race, sexual orientation, religion, or any other categories you may have been put in. It simply exists. 

Our goal through training is to help people feel stronger physically and mentally by teaching them how to confidently move their bodies and pick up some weights while having fun!

Uplift Fitness Owner

Rena Walker (she/her)

Uplift Queen
Lead TrainerNutrition Coach

USPA Powerlifting Coach
GGS1- Women’s Coaching
PN1 Nutrition Coach
Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist
ISSA Fitness Trainer, Exercise Therapy, Fitness Nutrition
Instagram: r.bartlett238

Rena is our lead trainer both in-person and online. She got into strength training and competitive powerlifting after battling with an eating disorder and realized, if she wanted to get stronger, she had to eat more and had to change her mindset. For her, physical and mental strength go hand in hand and that’s what she helps you focus on. Her training focuses on getting you to move better and more efficiently not only in the gym, but daily life as well. In her free time, Rena is typically found reading on the couch with her two cats.

Devon Walker (he/him)

Uplift Co-Owner
Online Training Coach

B.S. Sport and Exercise Science
CSCS Strength and Conditioning
USPA Powerlifting Coach
ACE Personal Training
Instagram: coachdevon206

While Devon was a collegiate athlete he was fascinated with what the human body could do through proper training and nutrition. Devon believes that there is no “one fits all approach” and wants to educate people on how they can improve their overall health, to have a thriving pain free life. In Devon’s free time, he is snowboarding, playing the piano, or, most importantly, grilling.

Uplift Fitness Owner

Jacq (she/her)

Personal Trainer

Jacq is a personal trainer, online coach,  and competitive powerlifter. Her passion for fitness started in 2015, when she decided to start her own fitness journey. In 2021, she realized that fitness is more than just a hobby and that coaching is her calling, that’s when she decided to start helping others so that they can avoid making the same mistakes she did starting her fitness journey.

She believes that strength training is for everyone. Her favorite part about being a Coach is empowering others to feel confident, strong, and like a badass! Whether your goals are to move without pain, break through strength plateaus, or simply to improve your quality of life, Jacq has got your back! In her free time, Jacq likes to play the guitar, go thrifting, go on a food adventure, and cuddle with her cat DD!


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